IHHM Weekend Schedule!

How is it already time for the Iron Horse?!? Not only is this a big weekend because of the race, it is also the weekend we celebrate the LRL turning TWO! We’ve been at this for two years already! I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of us. So here’s how we’re going to celebrate!

Saturday, October 12
Pleasant Ridge Park

We’ll have our birthday-shakeout-oatmeal run at Pleasant Ridge Park. (Take Sir Barton on the opposite side of Man O’War from Hamburg. It’ll be on your left once you pass all of the restaurants and a few houses.) This is just to get in 2 miles or so to wake up our legs after a week of taper – walking or running. Don’t want to run the day before the Iron Horse? That’s okay! Just show up about 8:20 or so for festivities!

I’ll be bringing a crockpot (or two) of oatmeal. I’ll also bring bowls and spoons. You guys bring toppings. It is a great time, friends. One of my favorite runs of the year. I love our events!

Sunday, October 13
Downtown Midway

We’ll meet for our picture before the half at 7:30 on the steps of the men’s shop catty-cornered from Darlin’ Jean’s. This is a little out of the way from the start line, so I think it is a good place to meet. We’ll take our picture and then head down to the start.

Once you finish the race, hang around the finish line. Last year, we cheered in every single runner. It was an amazing experience. There were tears on several occasions. It is a time not to be missed.

Not running IHHM? We have a water station and could use your help! Interested in working the water station? Leave a comment here and I’ll pass your info on to our Water Station Coordinator! (Fancy title for you, Lauren!)

I’ll see you all this weekend!


North Lime Coffee Routes!

It is about time that I get these up here, huh? I’ve got them in my head, and on my mapmyrun, so I might as well share with you!

On Sunday mornings, we run from North Lime Coffee and Donuts. Routes below are all “ish.” Mileage may be a little over or a little under, just be warned.

3.5-Mile-ish (click here for directions)

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 9.49.54 AM

5-mile-ish (click here for directions)

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 9.55.09 AM  10-Mile-ish (click here for directions)

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 10.02.13 AM

Runner Profile – Lauren

We have a true new LRL on our hands! Lauren recently moved here from Michigan and is excited to get to know us!

So say HI! to Lauren and be on the lookout!


Michelle's Wedding 002

Why did you start running?

I started running to get in shape for my wedding. I ran a 10k and got hooked.

How long have you been running?

I’ve been racing on and off for 14 years.

What keeps you motivated?

My health and signing up for a race. If I didn’t have to train for a race I probably wouldn’t run as much. I run and strength-train because it makes me feel good.

Are you training for a race or an event?

I am always training for something. Right now some running buddies and I are training for the Napa to Sonoma half marathon in Napa Valley, CA. It combines my two favorite pastimes: running and wine.

What is your favorite race?

Detroit ½ Marathon. It’s exciting to run over the bridge into Canada and return to the U.S. through the tunnel. Where else can you literally run into another country?

Where is your favorite place to run?

Kensington Park (Milford, MI), Lakeshore Drive (Chicago), Mon River Trail (Morgantown, WV)

What are your running fears?

Being attacked by a psychopath or wild dog. My dad bought me pepper spray but I lost it.

Do you measure your runs or do you just run for fun?

I can’t run or travel without my Garmin. Even though I don’t always race to achieve a new PR, I like to know my time and pace.

Have you ever dealt with injury?

Yes. The last time was in 2008 when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot and pes ascerine bursitis in my right knee. I met with a physical therapist weekly and had to wear a night splint. Ugh!! My therapist said “Oh you have a high tolerance for pain”, I said “Sweetie I have two kids.” But I persevered and earned a PR that fall in the Detroit marathon.

Do you do any cross-training?

I try to strength –train 2-3 times a week and cycle 1-2 times a week. I also fit in yoga when I can.

Do you have a long-term running goal?

Boston, of course.

What gear is absolutely necessary for you?

My Garmin.

What gear is on your wish list?

Cute matching Brooks or Nike run apparel. It’s ALWAYS so expensive.

What is your favorite running song?

When I feel like giving up when it’s too hot, or I’m exhausted and want to quit I like to listen to’ Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child or ‘Fighter’ by Christina Aguilera.

What are your favorite running/health-related websites or apps?

Garmin-Connect.com keeps track of my miles. I also like Active.com. I definitely recommend Athlinks.com to the LexRunLadies. It’s a website that keeps track of all your races that you have ever run. It’s free to sign up and user-friendly.

What is the strangest or most surprising thing that happened on a run?

I have some stories, but I would rather tell you during a run ;).

Do you have a running pet-peeve?

I don’t like it when you see another runner on a path and they don’t do the runner wave, head-nod, smile, something!

What are you reading right now?

Real Happiness, The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg.

What is your one of many guilty pleasure?

French fries, soft-serve vegan ice cream, and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds.

What is your favorite restaurant?

I’m from Michigan. So my favorite restaurant in MI is Inn Season Café. In Kentucky, I have really enjoyed Nick Ryan’s. They have a fabulous Pinto Bean Burger and they make great martinis.


Call for Volunteers – PTA 5K Training Group

Next month, LexRunLadies will be involved with the PTA5K training group for our second year. I am recruiting volunteers to help coach the group. Volunteers will come to the runs once a week to provide guidance and encouragement to beginning runners. Groups are held on Thursday evenings at the Beaumont YMCA and Sunday afternoons at the Northside YMCA.

I could tell you what I got out of the experience as a coach, but I’d rather let you read about the experience from a participant.

A lot of you know our sweet Heather. She’s always around being fast. What you might not know? She just began running a year ago with this group. If you’d like to volunteer, please email me at lexrunladies@gmail.com and I’ll get the information to you!


For years I have wanted to attempt a triathlon; however the one thing standing in my way was a bona fide hatred towards running. See, growing up, I always thought of running as a punishment. Whether it was a punishment for messing around on the basketball court, missing my serves during a volleyball game or for swimming with my hands open during a meet. I never thought running could be enjoyable. With this thought process deeply engrained in me, I was always perplexed when I saw groups running down the street smiling. How was it possible? Eventually, this confusion turned to motivation. My thinking eventually turned to “if they can do it, why can’t I?” About this time, I came across the PTA Couch to 5K training program. Their program seemed to fit me to a “T”. How could I pass it up? I couldn’t!

So, August 26th 2012, I showed up on a Sunday at 4pm for my first training run with a close friend who I recruited to run with me. I was given a schedule and asked to run a timed mile. I remember it being a relatively hot day and my asthma was acting up, which are two ingredients that make a perfect recipe for an acceptable out. During the entire meeting, I questioned whether this was something that I really wanted to do. However, every time I thought about giving up, I would see another friendly face cheering me on.

Over the next couple weeks, I continuously went through this battle with my internal “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. I had many highs and lows. At the beginning of each new week, I was required to increase my distance. Each time I thought, there is NO WAY, however I could…and did! Each run was a mini victory in my life. Although some days I felt exhausted, my legs felt extremely heavy, or it was cold and raining, I always completed my runs and felt like a better woman at the end of it. Reporting back to my PTA Couch to 5K Facebook buddies always felt so good too.

The weeks passed quickly and all of sudden it was Oct 21st. This was the day to put my PTA Couch to 5K training program to the test. To my excitement, the training program worked! I not only completed the 5K but I received a metal for fastest in my age group! Since then, I haven’t stopped running (well maybe a little during the winter…I’m from California and don’t manage well in when it’s so cold I can’t feel my feet). I am now training for a ½ marathon and am super excited to help with the PTA training program in 2013.

As a graduate from the PTA program and an official runner, I am so grateful and excited for the opportunity to give back to this group. I hope to be able to motivate all the participants and show them just how awesome of a journey it is from day 1, when you first strap on your running shoes, till 8 weeks later when you complete your first 5K and beyond.

this girl can work a cowbell!

this girl can work a cowbell!

Runner Profile – LATANYA!

Friends. This girl. She makes me smile like nobody’s business. She stuck with C25K though some serious shin splints. She has continued to half-marathon and beyond. She is hilarious and humble and just gives the best smiles. You’ve got to get to know this girl. You’ll love her as much as I do!


Why did you start running?

I started running to get in shape.

How long have you been running?

I started C25K in January 2012.

What keeps you motivated?

Group runs and races

What is your favorite race?

Shamrock Shuffle

Where is your favorite place to run?

Keeneland and Deer Haven

What are your running fears?

My running fears are pooing on myself in public and portal potties.

Do you do any cross-training? What is your favorite?

I’m trying to complete Insanity. I haven’t made it passed the Fit Test yet. I don’t have a favorite, but would like to try a spinning, rowing, and/or kickboxing class.

Do you have a long-term running goal?

My long term goal is to run a marathon!!!!

Do you eat on the run? If so, what?

I’ve tried GUs, Cliff Bloks, and Sport Beans. Some of the GU flavors didn’t agree with my tummy. I switched back to Cliff Bloks because I have never had a problem with them.

What is your favorite running song?

Most of the time nature is my music.

What are your favorite running/health-related websites or apps?

Runner’s World and RunKeeper

What is the strangest thing that happened on a run?

I saw Bambi’s dead mother along the Legacy Trail L.

Do you have a running pet-peeve?

I hate running snobs!!!! Those are the type of people who feel you should run a certain pace, way, and/or like to taut you.

What are you reading right now?

I’m slowly making my way through The Big Leap.

What is your one guilty pleasure?

Reality TV


Let’s talk Iron Horse Half Marathon.

I know some of you are sitting on the fence about the Iron Horse. I want to give you a little information (and pictures!) to build your confidence, excitement, and get you to hit the REGISTER button already!

1. If you can run (or run/walk) 4 miles, you can mile up safely to run (or run/walk) 13.1 by race day.

photo by Ann B - or at least with her phone.

photo by Ann B – or at least with her phone.

2. The course is insanely beautiful.


3. You’ll see the Big Hand.

pic by Toa - or her camera anyway

pic by Toa – or her camera anyway

4. You’ll have the support of all of us. You’ll see Ladies out on the course at aid stations.


5. Our shirts will make us easily identifiable. We’ll be easy to pick out as we cheer for each other. (They will be green/yellow this year to make us easier to spot.) And the layout of the course means we see our friends two or three times. There’s nothing like getting on-the-course encouragement from friends that I don’t actually run beside.

pic from Jen U

pic from Jen U

6. Last year’s finish line was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There was a lot of ugly crying.

7. Have you SEEN last year’s medal?

nate's medal

nate’s medal

8. This is just a part of the posse you’ll have cheering for you.


9. We have somewhere warm to gather (and an indoor bathroom!) before the race.


10. Did I mention the awesome finish line?

I love love LOVE this race. It is hilly, it is challenging. But we’ll train out there so often that you’ll be ready for it.

They do expect a sell-out, so don’t delay.

And if you need more guidance and support than a print-and-go half-marathon plan, keep me in mind. Your fearless leader is also a RRCA Certified Running Coach. I’m offering two different half-marathon training groups: one for those looking for a fun-to-the-finish experience and another for those wanting to make a specific time goal. The plans start JULY 22ND and registration will close July 20th. Click here for more details and purchasing information.


I had tried to start running so many times in the past and was never successful for long. Last year, I heard about a group led by Krissie Bentley and decided to give it one last try. I’m so glad I did! Krissie is the most non-threatening runner I’ve ever met. She really believes that running is for everyone and knows how to make everyone believe in themselves. She helped me set small attainable goals, encouraged me along the way, and most importantly chatted away when I was out of breath!  On October 14, 2012, Krissie cheered the loudest as I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon. If you had told me in January that I would acheive that in ten short months, I would have laughed out loud, but I did it and so can you with Krissie’s help. She’s an inspiration and has become a true friend. ~ Katie Dent

Please feel free to reach out to me at Krissie@CommittedCoaching.com if you have any questions or need reassurance. And be on the lookout for a tshirt order coming soon!

Runner Profile – Susan!


I’m so happy to see these runner profiles trickle in! I just love meeting new Ladies. Say hello to Susan!


Why did you start running?


I started running because my friends were doing it.  (Yes mom, they jump off of bridges too!)  How long have you been running? Seriously since 2010.

What keeps you motivated?

Lately, not much..I’ve been in a slump since an injury last fall after the Bourbon Chase, but now I’m recovering and training again…still seeking motivation because those running friends I mentioned moved or got busy!

Are you training for a race or an event? 

Short term: Lame Duck Try, long term Bourbon Chase again. It is going slow. I am using Hal’s Novice Half.

What is your favorite race?

Run for your Lives and the Bluegrass Half

Where is your favorite place to run?

The Arboretum

What are your running fears?

Kidnapping and how I look from behind (thank God for running skirts!!)

Do you measure your runs or do you just run for fun?

Both. It’s been in the last two years I’ve started tracking time, pace and distance, although not with any goal in mind.

Have you ever dealt with injury?

Yes. I have some IT issues. I am getting better with stretching mostly. I feel better all the time

Do you do any cross-training?

I like to swim and bootcamp at the Coliseum Fitness in Victorian Square!

Do you have a long-term running goal?

Just to be able to keep doing it as long as possible.  And maybe eventually be as fast as my husband.

What gear is absolutely necessary for you?

A hat

What gear is on your wish list?

Jetpacks and roller skates!  Or one of those belty things that hold water…..

What is your favorite running song?

Wilco’s Kidsmoke

Are you listening to any podcasts or audiobooks while you run?

Bookclub selections.

What are your favorite running/health-related websites or apps?

I use Runkeeper for getting the information on my route distance and elevations.  It’s how I realized some of my BC legs were really really going to hurt.

What is the strangest  or most surprising thing that happened on a run?

While running in the Arboretum satellite Run with all your Hart last year, there was a sweet little boy giving flowers to all the passing runners.  It made me cry (weep, really) because it was so touching given the circumstances for the run.

Do you have a running pet-peeve?

No, but I never stop talking to whomever I am running with so I am sure I annoy a lot of other people.

What are you reading right now?

This survey.  Heh….

What is your one of many guilty pleasure?

West 6 and Harry’s mini fish sandwiches…

What is your favorite restaurant?

Right now I love Josie on 68’s patio so much, and I have yet to have a bad meal at Palmer’s.


Runner Profile – Natasha

Say HI to Natasha!

Running 1

Why did you start running?

In 6th grade I joined the cross country team. I ran competitively through cross country until my senior year of high school. I’ve been running for  12 years.

What keeps you motivated?

The runners high you get after running a race. It is what relaxes me when I am stressed. Where I can finally turn my brain off.

Are you training for a race or an event?

I run in 5K’s or 10K’s pretty much every weekend. I just always try to beat my 5K or 10K PR.

What is your favorite race?

I’m a little biased because I work for them…but the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Where is your favorite place to run?

The Arboretum and West 6th Run Club.

What are your running fears?

In a literal sense, being a young female and running alone. There’s also a small fear of injury anytime I run.

Do you measure your runs or do you just run for fun?

I only measure them when I run in a race. Most of the time it’s just me time. As a rule of thumb, I run a little bit extra than I ever want to.

Have you ever dealt with injury?

Yes, I have sprained my right ankle several times. Broke it once in high school. I did physical therapy for months. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

Do you have a long-term running goal?

I love competing with myself. Just always see if I can get faster and faster.

What gear is absolutely necessary for you?

My bandi, which holds my keys and my phone. I feel naked without them. My ipod fully stocked with new music. My newton (bright colors) running shoes.

Do you eat on the run?

No, I typically eat an hour before and an hour after a run.

What is your favorite running song?

The New Workout Plan by Kanye West. For whatever reason, it always gets me running faster.

What are your favorite running/health-related websites or apps?

Couch25K, Couch210K, MapMyRun.

Do you have a running pet-peeve?

When other runners don’t look up, smile, or nod. Runners code: runners need to acknowledge other runners.

What is your one guilty pleasure?

Saul Good pizza and funnel cakes. I know, that’s two. 🙂

What is your favorite eat?

Bonefish and crab legs. Bang bang shrimp is phenomenal!

Running 2

want to contribute to the blog?

Our lovely Brooke has stepped up to take over the task of coordinating the website! Here’s a little bit of what she is looking for from you guys!

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 5.00.15 PM

As the Blog coordinator, I’m looking for contributors!

Haven’t written a runner profile?  Let me know, I’ll send you the questions to fill one out!

Filled out a runner profile a year ago?  Let’s do it again and see how you’ve changed!

Ran a race recently?  Write a recap and send it to me!

Have a favorite event or a place to run?  Write up a summary and let’s let everyone else know about it!

Have a question about compression, jogging strollers, nutrition on-the-run?  Let’s post it on the blog and have readers give feedback!  Let’s use this space to connect with each other, to gain knowledge, help each other where we can, widen our social circles and make running better for all of us!

Email any questions or contributions to LexRunLadies@gmail.com with BLOG in the subject line!

summer runnin’

If anyone knows about running in the heat, it would be our girl, Erin. I mean, she’s living in Miami! Here are her helpful hints for surviving the summer temperatures.


Summer is here! Just like that, the days are longer and there are more opportunities to be active.  But there is also that dreaded heat and humidity. H&H is your friend when you need a pool/beach day but NOT when you are a runner. Some folks will adjust very quickly and do well in the heat (my husband), while others struggle (me).  After living in Miami, FL for the past year, here are a few tips I have learned through both trial and error and from fellow Floridian runners.

  1. Time of day will make or break your run.  Run in early mornings or in the evening. Not only is the temperature not the highest, but the sun isn’t directly overhead and will spare you those direct rays.  The humidity is typically highest in the AM, but the asphalt is hottest in the PM.  Experiment with what works better for you.
  2. You might need to change your route.  Choose shady and/or breezy routes.  Our Thursday Polo Club run becomes Deer Haven in the summer for a reason, ladies.
  3. You may not be Speedy Gonzalez right now. Slow down!  It takes more effort to run in higher temperature and humidity so you will work more at your usual pace. Run by effort or use a heart rate monitor to keep yourself in check, not by pace.  Do not do speedwork or longer runs until you are better adjusted.  I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone in my Miami run group employed run/walk on all long runs. Once fall rolls around you will most likely find you are running FASTER than what you were in the spring, even though you were slower in the summer. Consistency and effort are key.
  4. Staying cool during the run itself means you might need to get wet. Expect to hear assholes honking at you. Wear loose fit, wicking clothing that is as little as possible.  Change your hat to a visor so that heat can escape your head.  Run through sprinklers in your neighborhood. Dump water on your hair. Plan a route that lets you stop by your house and grab handfuls of ice to run with. Roll ice in a bandana and wet it–Wear this on your head or around your neck.
  5. Dehydration is the Devil! Start your run hydrated.  Incorporate electrolyte replacement if you do not already do so, especially on longer runs.  Gatorade, salt tabs, etc are your friends.  If you drink only water and lose a lot of salt in your sweat, you can actually overhydrate and cause hyponatremia.  Although rare, this can kill runners.  Replace those electrolytes during and/or immediately after and then drink water the rest of the day.  If you are a numbers nerd, you can also calculate your sweat rate: Weigh yourself before you run, preferably nude. Weigh yourself after you run for an hour. Subtract these numbers from each other and convert 1 lb to 16 oz.  Add that to how much water you consumed during your run. That total is how much you need to be consuming over the course of an hour during a run in similar weather conditions.  For example, a new LRL weighs 150 lb before her run and 149 after and she drank 12 oz water while running along Deer Haven at 6:15 in July.  Next week, she should drink 16 oz + 12 oz = 28 oz during the run, or about 7 oz every 20 mins.

And finally, even with all of the above tips, sometimes you just have to not run outside and either treadmill it or do some other cross training activity.  If you are ever running and become nauseated, dizzy, or stop sweating, stop running immediately because you are risking heat stroke.  If after runs you find yourself more tired than usual or having headaches or muscle cramps, you likely aren’t hydrating well.

Happy Summer Running!!